'Pitch to Prototype' Competition
and Digital Trail

Our Digital Flood-Dragons (sponsored by Atkins) present:

'Pitch to Prototype' Competition

5 innovative businesses entering this competition could get the chance to pitch an idea to our Digital Flood-Dragons and win the opportunity to co-develop their digital prototype with the Environment Agency with the intention of commercialising it.

Flood-Dragons Digital Trail

Scan each of our exhibitor's digital stories to understand how digital is helping flood resilience and protection and have a chance to win one of two fantastic prizes: iPad and Kindle.

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'Pitch to Prototype' Competition

How to Enter – entries need to be in by midnight 3rd June 2019

Simply click here to complete the form below within the word limit to enter and 5 selected winners will have the opportunity to make a pitch in front of our Digital Flood-Dragons at the 20th June 13:45 session of the Flood & Coastal Conference 2019. The Flood-Dragons will decide if they are 'in' or 'out' for each pitch but then it’s down to an audience vote (via Flood-Dragon’s app) to find our overall winner.

The winning pitch will have the opportunity to co-develop their prototype with the Environment Agency. All 5 pitches will be exposed to the wider business world through videos after the conference.

Pitch to use any digital technology to address at least one of our issues listed above. The pitch should be as specific as possible including a target audience/persona, the problem to be solved with the likely number affected, the difference the pitch will make and what the pitch would provide/do.


A pitch to champion the role of flood risk awareness and/or climate adaptation in the education syllabus


A pitch to make use of big data or AI or ML to raise awareness of flood risks


A pitch to raise awareness and/or preparedness for physical protection or incrased resilience from flooding perhaps referencing suppliers


A pitch to improve the management of flood incidents perhaps incorporating many of the stakeholders

At the conference

The Digital Flood-Dragon session will take place on conference day 3 (20th June) at 13:45 – 15:45 in Newport Room but it has limited spaces available and is on a first come first seated basis. Each of the 5 winners will get the chance to give a 2 minute pitch of their idea.

  • In order to vote for any of the pitchen then you must download the Digital Flood-Dragons app
  • Open the app and choose 'Pitch to Prototype'. You will then see 5 pitches listed
  • Vote whether you are 'in' (thumbs up) or out (thumbs down) for each of the 5 pitches

Competition Application Form

Flood-Dragons Digital Trail

How to Enter – entries on any day of the conference

Simply download the Digital Flood-Dragons app, either by:

  • entering www.exiapp.com/go into your browser and follow instructions
  • or installing the Flood-Dragon’s app on Android or iOS
  • or if you have an existing QR reader then scan the Flood-Dragon’s laptop QR code and follow instructions

You will just be asked for your email address

At the conference

  • Open the app and choose Digital Trail
  • From the exhibitor plan, visit each with a digital story
  • Ask the exhibitor for their QR code and scan it
  • Listen to the exhibitors story and view it on your device
  • The first 15 minutes of the Flood-Dragons session 13:45 will announce the winner

The winners must be present at the digital flood-dragon session to claim their prize