Telespazio VEGA UK

Flood Defence Assessment

Addressing challenges brought about by growing needs for critical infrastructure resilience, Telespazio VEGA UK demonstrates a new multi-resolution, multi-sensor, ground motion & Flood Defence monitoring service. A national-scale management tool for the integrity of England's Flood Defences. 

Telespazio VEGA UK presents the how & why of this application within a series of interactive digital map environments at Flood & Coast 2019 (C32). 

Near Real-Time Flood Mapping

A tried and tested Flood Mapping technology, Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) can provide near real-time extents of ongoing flooding across the globe day or night, rain or shine. 

Telespazio VEGA UK demonstrates some of the use cases captured by this technology over the past 5 years within interactive digital map environments at Flood & Coast 2019 (C32).

The use of satellite derived Surface Deformation data alongside flood defence asset information to aid the assessment of the flood defence condition:

Flood Mapping utilising the latest in Near Real Time satellite capability: 



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